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Are these books, or art pieces?

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There are no correct or wrong answers here. These works you saw are created by Siobhan Martin - according to her, these are 'book arts'.

We set up this poll as we're working to deliver the 'Make Your Own Book' festival on the 2-13th May - which will have an exhibition, book fair and workshops presented by indie creators & artists. This festival is for 'Book +&/ Art': we were often asked what this festival is about, but we decided not to define it. This is because we realized that so many indie creators & artists are making incredible things that can't just be described as book or art. We don't want to label things; we want to share with you the amazing works and the local creators behind them.

So, if you are interested in exploring book arts, art books, art & books, and everything in between, please come to the 'Make Your Own Book' festival on the 2nd-13th of May. We have books & prints that you can’t find anywhere else on display on the 2nd-11th of May. And on 12 & 13th May, you can face to face with all the amazing creators behind those works at the Book +&/ Art Fair, where there will also be low-cost workshops teaching you how to make your own Book +&/ Art.

We hope to see you there! And oh, by the way, you can check this page for more details & all the activities happening at MYOB:

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