• Below is only a snapshot of the many events we have hosted.

    If you are interested in learning more please read this article by our advisor & CIC Executive Director Bryan Brown and/or contact us for more information. 

  • Winter Solstice with Maketank

    A deep dive into release, rest, and renewal in the depth of winter for Maketank's community in Exeter and beyond

    Winter solstice is fast approaching!

    Please join us in honoring the longest night of the year in this longest of years.

    The days have been getting shorter and the year is finally drawing to a close. As the sun sets on 2020, we’re making some celebratory preparations to welcome 2021 with open arms.


    On Sunday the 20th December at 7:30pm, Maketank warmly invites you and your family to join us for a remote evening of restful, yet playful, reflection.


    2020 has been a whirl so let’s take this moment of seasonal turning to wind-down. The winter solstice is a date for celebratory renewal through some well deserved rest and rejuvenation. Let’s snuggle up and take stock, be still and let some of the swilling things settle for an hour and half. What we propose isn’t a jam-packed event of Zoom-inars, discussion and new information. Rather, it’s a moment to share what we already have to hand. We will hold a welcoming online space, sprinkled with soft provocations. We invite you to bring some snippets of stories, creative musings and causes for celebrations this year. Amidst all of the challenges and difficulties of the past 12 months, let’s pan for those little nuggets of gold that have happened and tender some reasons for us all to be hopeful.


    If a cosy night by your fireplace, electric heater, radiator or terra cotta tea lights sounds like the evening for you, join us on Zoom to celebrate. And don't forget to follow our social media with the #MaketankWinterSolstice for more tasters and teasers throughout the week!

  • Insulted. Belarus(sia)

    Maketank supported and hosted TWO major events in the Worldwide Reading Project of Andrei Kureichik's indomitable play Insulted Belarus.


    The UK premiere of Kureichik’s play in translation by John Freedman happened on 19 September 2020. This reading was organised and performed by ARTEL as well as a cast of local Devon actors from Four of Swords, Burn the Curtain and students from the University of Exeter. Watch it here.


    The second event was the first and only-to-date all-female cast reading of the play presented by young artists and students at the University of Exeter. Watch it here.


    The Stage interviewed us about the project here, and more on this important project of solidarity and protest can be seen here.


  • The House Never Wins

    Kill the Cat Theatre

    Our House is on fire. Come play live and gamble with the planet’s future.

    We could all do with a distraction. Take a seat at the table, get ready to play. (There’s a real cash prize at stake.) The House is on fire.

    Wed 14 Oct 2020, 7:00PM

    Wed 14 Oct 2020, 9:00PM

  • Living Spaces Program

    Vol. 1: "Animating Exeter" March 25th-31st, 2019

    In February, we called out to artists living in Exeter who wanted to make a piece of work to celebrate the city. In the weeks that have followed, a number of artistic entities whose practice is rooted in live performance have developed work-in-progress performances around the theme of Animating Exeter. Between 30th-31st March, you'll be able to see early work-in-progress showings in a mini celebration of work at Maketank.


    Tickets to each event are FREE but some performances have a limited number of seats, so may be a good idea to sign up in advance.


    Living Spaces is kindly supported by Exeter City Council

    Saturday March 30

    Sharing Times


    11:00 Circle Tales (Installation all day)

    12:30 Aiming For Everything

    14:00 They Say She Sang

    15:30 Aiming For Everything

    4:30 Uncertain Times? Join a Band! (Workshop)

    18:30 Ouroboros//LIVE


    Sunday March 31

    Sharing Times


    12:00 Circle Tales

    (Installation all day)

    15-17 Evidence Room


    18:00 They Say She Sang


    All Day In the Foyer - Ouroboros screening.




    Aiming For Everything: The Impossible Parenting Dream

    Aiming for Everything: The Impossible Parenting Dream is the first performance piece that theatre makers Estelle Buckridge and Charlie Whitworth have ever made together. It's also the first thing they've made since becoming parents of their son, Joseph two years ago. It’s also the first time either have performed on stage for a very long time… and then the first when their toddler was in the room.
    Aiming for Everything is a work-in-progress exploring what it is to be a parent, a partner and a maker today. Based on their own experiences and on research from other parents in the city and the rest of the world, Aiming for Everything aims to debunk stereotypes, revel in sleep deprived delusions and get angry at the patriarchy. All whilst their son probably sabotages the performances.
    Humans of all ages welcome. This is a relaxed performance. Come sit in as we try and achieve everything as we aim to be both parents and theatre makers. Running time approx. 35mins



    CircleTales Tale (Installation)


    CircleTales® is a new collaborative tabletop storytelling game being developed here in Exeter by artist and designer duo Annie Murdock and Herman Castaneda, with lots of constructive criticism from their 13 year-old daughter Lilly. Annie and Herman have employed CircleTales as a creative tool, inviting local participants to play the game to generate a collective story.


    More about the game: CircleTales®
    is a collaborative tabletop storytelling game with
    artistic flair that celebrates the imagination of each individual player, while encouraging social interaction, creative thinking, and deep
    listening. Insightful questions and surprising word prompts help players weave a shared tale. Think campfire story with a dash of magic, the
    result of which is a wild and entertaining storytelling adventure.


    An ambient installation viewable between 11-4pm on Saturday and Sunday.




    They Say She Sang


    Rhys Slade Jones weaves cabaret style performance with sustainable costume making. For Living Spaces, Rhys will make costume from clothing found in Exeter's charity shops, the conduit between those who have lived in the city for an extended period of time and himself. Going back further than this, Rhys uses his performance to speak to the stone monuments of the city to get a sense of where we are now.


    "At a time where Britain may be seeking to remove its ties to Europe, Exeter’s existence within a wall built by early Europeans feels poignant. At a time when the future of Britain’s global trading is being scrutinised, the history of Exeter’s port once being the gateway to the world feels important to explore.

    I want to interrogate the relationships between what is grounded in the fabric of the city during these times of change. I want to speak to the stone monuments of the city and try to add a sense of perspective to where we are now. These monuments will become my interviewees in the live presentation of the work." Rhys Slade Jones


    Running time approx. 45 min





    Ouroboros combines visual and sound collage and montage to create a moving-image experience celebrating the modern construction condition that is the city of Exeter. Hyperreal evolving imagery and musique concrete will provide the setting for a lyrical journey, exploring the modern city condition with reference to Exeter’s occupants before and after the Romans.


    Ouroboros is made by Stuart Crewes and Performed Live with Emma Welton (music) and Chris White (narration) on Saturday March 30 at 18:00



    Uncertain Times? Join a band! (workshop)


    ‘Something is happening and you don't know what it is’. Team up with art band Susannah and the Noise and help create conversations and soundbites that inspire and become part of a new piece of music on the theme of uncertainty.

    This 45 minute workshop will be a chance to explore uncertainty, be that on a personal, local, societal, political, apolitical, economic, irreverent, real, unreal or philosophical level. The audio from the session will be recorded and become the first step in a creative process that participants can stay involved with, right through to a performance at MakeTank.


    Susannah and the Noise use samples in their music - Donald Trump, Muhammad Ali, Clyfford Still - and are now looking for local collaborators to team up with and explore this new theme. This is your chance to join a mini ‘rock n roll’ journey of discovery.


    No musical ability required - it’s all about creating conversations.Participants will need to give permission for recordings of the session to be used in the ongoing creative process and potentially form an aspect of the final music piece that emerges and is published and performed.


    www.susannahandthenoise.co.uk are Susannah, Dan, Simon and Rom. As Nathan Bushell, editor of infamous rock’n’roll tome Glass Times, once remarked: “a buzzing four-piece indie band with an intelligent modern take on a tried and tested format; a mature gritty sound that defies conventional pigeon-holing.’



    Evidence Room (installation)


    Following in the footsteps of RAMM Lates performance of “In Plain Sight” in February as part of the Forensic Cabaret series organized by Olya Petrakova and Bryan Brown (ARTEL), on Sunday March 31 they shall gather their Exeter material evidence findings and create something completely different: an installation experience set in the hidden small room of Maketank on Paris Street in the city centre.

    For the past few months they’ve worked with various groups to identify the objects that speak to the life of the community today and that provide new ways of perceiving the lived experience of Exeter arising from the concerns, passions and history of the city itself. The Evidence Room will be filled with objects, short stories, & soundscapes.


    Viewing Time: 10-15 min



    Pair it up with CircleTales Tale, an ambient installation viewable at Maketank’s Upper Studio.



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