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    Internships at Maketank are developed to offer a robust educational experience and are best suited for current college or university students (undergraduate or graduate students), though that is not a requirement. Candidates should be interested in a career within creative industries, particularly in managing or operating creative hubs and incubators.


    Given Maketank’s commitment to participatory practices, interns should be interested in experiencing a highly collaborative environment and ready to take on whatever comes their way. While interns should have some basic experience in their department of interest, the internship should be seen as an opportunity to learn new skills while further developing managerial, creative, administrative or technical skills they already possess.


    Maketank’s interns are essential team members. Additionally, interns are afforded numerous opportunities to learn how the company operates as a whole through regular interaction with staff and creative practitioners, networking opportunities with fellow interns, and weekly team forums. At the end of their time with Maketank, all interns should have a sound understanding of the industry, and a solid perspective on whether or not a career in creative hubs and incubators is right for them.


    Prospective interns must have excellent verbal and written communication skills, as well as a high degree of integrity and personal ethics. They must also be a strong problem solver, able to work autonomously from idea generation through project execution, be flexible and resilient, comfortable with ambiguity, adaptable to a high-change environment, and possess an interest in working in a highly collaborative environment. Internships are unpaid, but scheduling is flexible to best fit your needs. Interns receive complimentary tickets to most events at Maketank (as well as industry offers when available), and academic credit (if available through College/University). Candidates should be able to commit to between 10-25 hours per week, for a minimum of 8 weeks. Longer assignments can be accommodated, if required for university credit. Depending on the assignments and tasks, interns are also given relevant titles to reflect their work experience.


    Maketank is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

    Current Offers

    No available positions at the moment. Please email hello@maketank.org.uk to register your interest for any future opportunities.

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