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Maketank Exeter

If you have time, please read our full statement below, which details what happened and our future plans.

With a heavy heart that we announce Maketank is leaving 3-5 Paris St after almost 5 years, despite our best attempt to stop this from happening.


But this isn't the end of Maketank - we have many things planned. Notably, a new social enterprise in the city centre with numerous benefits, which we'll update you very soon. 

Meanwhile, we really need your support:


1. We need a bit of storage for the next 6 months (2mWx1mDx2mH, or more if possible).


2. If you're a creative who would love to help make Exeter's Arts and Culture scene better, please fill in this form.


3. We are looking for partnerships with organisations that have spaces to continue producing our work with displaced communities, and vulnerable people, and with a plethora of our stakeholders from volunteer, community, social enterprise, and higher education sectors.


Finally, please tell everyone you know about us, so that we can find more friends to join us on our new adventure.

The biggest thank you & lots of love <3

Maketank is a cultural lab for social change; a creative home for local and artistic communities to generate culture that moves people. We believe that there is a synergetic relationship between thriving artists and thriving communities.

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 Thanks <3 

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