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  • Living Spaces Program

    Vol. 1: "Animating Exeter" March 25th-31st, 2019

    In February, we called out to artists living in Exeter who wanted to make a piece of work to celebrate the city. In the weeks that have followed, six artistic entities whose practice is rooted in live performance have developed work-in-progress performances around the theme of Animating Exeter. Between 30th-31st March, you'll be able to see early work-in-progress showings in a mini celebration of work at Maketank.


    Tickets to each event are FREE but some performances have a limited number of seats, so may be a good idea to sign up in advance.


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    Living Spaces is kindly supported by Exeter City Council

    Saturday March 30

    Sharing Times


    11:00 Circle Tales

    12:30 Aiming For Everything

    14:00 They Say She Sang

    15:30 Aiming For Everything

    17:00 Upskirt

    18:00 Ouroboros//LIVE


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    Sunday March 31

    Sharing Times


    12:00 Circle Tales

    17:30 Upskirt

    19:00 They Say She Sang


    All Day In the Foyer - Ouroboros screening.




    Aiming For Everything: The Impossible Parenting Dream

    Aiming for Everything: The Impossible Parenting Dream is the first performance piece that theatre makers Estelle Buckridge and Charlie Whitworth have ever made together. It's also the first thing they've made since becoming parents of their son, Joseph two years ago. It’s also the first time either have performed on stage for a very long time… and then the first when their toddler was in the room.
    Aiming for Everything is a work-in-progress exploring what it is to be a parent, a partner and a maker today. Based on their own experiences and on research from other parents in the city and the rest of the world, Aiming for Everything aims to debunk stereotypes, revel in sleep deprived delusions and get angry at the patriarchy. All whilst their son probably sabotages the performances.
    Humans of all ages welcome. This is a relaxed performance. Come sit in as we try and achieve everything as we aim to be both parents and theatre makers. Running time approx. 30mins


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    CircleTales Tale


    CircleTales® is a new collaborative tabletop storytelling game being developed here in Exeter by artist and designer duo Annie Murdock and Herman Castaneda, with lots of constructive criticism from their 13 year-old daughter Lilly. Annie and Herman have employed CircleTales as a creative tool, inviting local participants to play the game to generate a collective story. During performances shared as part of Maketank's Living Spaces program on Saturday and Sunday March 30th and 31st, CircleTales will stage this story twice with different cast and different outcomes.


    More about the game: CircleTales®
    is a collaborative tabletop storytelling game with
    artistic flair that celebrates the imagination of each individual player, while encouraging social interaction, creative thinking, and deep
    listening. Insightful questions and surprising word prompts help players weave a shared tale. Think campfire story with a dash of magic, the
    result of which is a wild and entertaining storytelling adventure.


    Running time approx. 45 min


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    They Say She Sang


    Rhys Slade Jones is this year's recipient of the Pleasance Theatre's Common Bursary and weaves cabaret style performance with sustainable costume making. For Living Spaces, Rhys will make costume from clothing found in Exeter's charity shops, the conduit between those who have lived in the city for an extended period of time and himself. Going back further than this, Rhys uses his performance to speak to the stone monuments of the city to get a sense of where we are now.


    "At a time where Britain may be seeking to remove its ties to Europe, Exeter’s existence within a wall built by early Europeans feels poignant. At a time when the future of Britain’s global trading is being scrutinised, the history of Exeter’s port once being the gateway to the world feels important to explore.

    I want to interrogate the relationships between what is grounded in the fabric of the city during these times of change. I want to speak to the stone monuments of the city and try to add a sense of perspective to where we are now. These monuments will become my interviewees in the live presentation of the work." Rhys Slade Jones


    Running time approx. 45 min



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    " In 1885 Sarah Ann Henley jumped off Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol, in attempt to end her life. However, Sarah’s hooped crinoline skirt had other ideas and an updraft of wind is said to have inflated her dress and parachuted her to safety. Sarah is said to have been pushed over the edge (not literally), by her fiancé who broke off their engagement. Sarah was the first person to survive the fall, and has been something of a Bristol legend since. UPSKIRT is my feminist retelling of Sarah’s story.


    I’ve pieced together this (mostly) true story from the slightly wonky male-dominated narratives and news reporting to tease out what happened. I tell this story using a hand-made pop-up book, which serves as my playing space for paper puppets. The piece is largely visual with verbatim audio playing alongside; it plays with scale and fragility, as well as puppet manipulation whilst observing performer physicality. " - Emma Baskeyfield, Theatre maker.


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    Ouroboros combines visual and sound collage and montage to create a moving-image experience celebrating the modern construction condition that is the city of Exeter. Hyperreal evolving imagery and musique concrete will provide the setting for a lyrical journey, exploring the modern city condition with reference to Exeter’s occupants before and after the Romans.


    Ouroboros is made by Stuart Crewes and Performed Live with Emma Welton (music) and Chris White (narration) on Saturday March 30 at 18:00


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  • MAKETANK: What is it all about?

    We are on a mission


    Maketank is an artist-led grassroots organisation. Its mission is to build a sustainable community-based platform for performance practitioners within the city to pioneer experimentation, collaboration, and creative civic engagement.


    Maketank aims to provide space for local artists to keep in practice, create new performance work, and exchange knowledge and resources.

    We see Maketank as a window to:

    • devising, with a flexible open-floor plan; adaptable to  embodied practices such as dance, physical theatre,  and immersive performance
    • workshop spaces for prop, set, object making of different kinds
    • a rehearsal space for local and visiting companies and artists 
    • a central location for creative community to think, meet, share ideas in co-working or conferencing environments

    Who is it for?

    Maketank is membership based & open to artists across disciplines: theatre, live art, experimental music, dance, performance writing, performance poetry, scenography, expanded film and video, cabaret, site responsive and site specific interventions, participatory and social practice, etc.


    Run by volunteers, Maketank relies on community support to cover its monthly overhead.

    Where is it happening?

    Initially running as a pilot scheme, Maketank aims to become a permanent fixture in Exeter. It occupies a large disused commercial space in the city centre’s former Sofa Workshop on 3-5 Paris Street, Exeter EX1 2JB. On a ground floor it has a large rehearsal & workshop space for costume/scenography making, co-working area with tea/coffee service, on the upper floor it has a reading & conferencing room, and a bank of resources for artists to share with each other.


    ACCESSIBILITY: We are located at street level, and toilets are on the 2nd floor. There are accessible toilets approx 50m away at St Stephens House.

    Maketank is made possible with the support of the following organisations:


    Exeter City Council

    Exeter Phoenix


    MacArthur Wilson

  • Book Space

    Workshop/Rehearsal/Making Space

    We're currently offering workshop/rehearsal space on a first come/first served basis. We are particularly interested in projects which meet our ethos of:

    collaboration + experimentation + social & civic engagement


    Performances or Special Events

    Periodically we host special events in the space. Please fill out the form to tell us more about your idea, and we will see how we can help.



  • Volunteer Opportunites

    We're lucky to be surrounded by committed, passionate people who help us to keep Maketank alive. We're currently looking for volunteers who would like to be part of a Maketank welcome team on weekdays between 1pm and 4pm. You can pledge as much or as little of your time as you like.


    Duties will include sitting at the Maketank desk and welcoming visitors, helping artists with queries.


    Please get in touch at hello@maketank.org.uk

  • Stay in the know...

    If you want to get in touch, we're setting up a carrier pigeon service ––

    but in the meantime, you can send us an old fashioned email to
    hello [at] maketank.org.uk or subscribe below.