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  • Capture

    by Kristian Garside

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  • Exeter Voices

    imagine your city's future

    By Mark Parry

  • As part of the Covid-19 Emergency Grant from ACE, Maketank commissioned artist Mark Parry to create an installation that would help Exeter residents imagine the city's future. During the winter, Mark interviewed a diverse range of inhabitants via Zoom which he then edited into the clip you can listen to above. Five dramatic light discs created by the artist pulse away to the accompaniment of the looped audio, absorbing the viewer into further imagining. Due to lockdown, the actual installation wasn't able to be placed in the front windows until May, when there would be enough foot traffic to properly engage with it. The exhibition ran from 20 May - 21 June.

    You can see more of Mark's work and support him here:


  • Highlighted: Artist in Residence

    Brandon Barry

    We have been thrilled to host and support photographer Brendan Barry since May 2020. Through our collaboration, Brendan has been able to develop new strands of his large camera practice and envision and create the next iteration of Exeter's cultural quarter: his own Positive Lights Projects. Read about Brendan's work in the prestigious British Journal of Photography and/or watch the video we commissioned of his Maketank studio below.

    Watch the video here!

    Support Positive Lights here.

  • Kinder Exeter

    Compassion Through Play

    June 14-20, 2021


    Maketank proudly co-conceived a week-long festival of play, colour and kindness with Maarten Koners of the Playful University Club . As we re-emerged from lockdown, families, children and adults were all invited to play games, make music, do yoga and have a lot of fun in the green spaces of our city centre. Kindness ninjas roamed the streets, Taiko drummers vibrated the Cathedral Green and origami boats were launched at the Quay. We coloured in Kinder Beasties and added to a Bus Station drawn by Scott Walker as part of our first People's Lab for the generation of a Future Kinder Exeter. The Commentators also commented on all of Saturday's events live and in-person, but of course, throughout the week we hosted multiple zoom sessions with international psychologists, pedagogues and theatre practitioners who introduced and encouraged playful activities to transform individual and group experience. Perhaps most importantly, bubbles abounded, reminding us all of the importance of playful communities!


    The Lonely Organ

    Maketank, Paris Street, 15th December 2020


  • In autumn 2020 Maketank invited Emma Welton to make a piece on the Hammond organ that is resident in its building on Paris Street. We wondered what the organ might have to say during this time of locked down arts and culture, alone in a former showroom in central Exeter. And now we wonder what others will make in response to Emma's composition. Join us in the Creative Circle (see Participation section). And please support Emma Welton at emmawelton.net/

  • Performance in Exeter


    As part of ACE's Covid Emergency funding, Maketank has envisioned, hosted and supported the development of a new community of practice: Performance in Exeter or PiE. Inspired by CAMP, PiE is a networked ecology for Greater Exeter and Devon artists interested in performance to share practice, support each other, collaborate on interdisciplinary projects and advocate for the future of arts and culture.

    Connect. Grow. Amplify.


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